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From one to a billion word project, Translation Palace is your reliable language partner.

In order to ensure the quality of your translation, Translation Palace works with professional linguists who translate into their native languages. Our translators deal with various specifications including law, government, business, insurance, software, advertising, education, literature and many others.

At Translation Palace, we translate as many types of documents as possible such as Birth Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Celibacy Certificate, Death Certificates, Technical Manuals, Police Clearances, Diplomas, Degrees and Transcripts, Employee Handbook, Personal Correspondence, Secondary School Certificates, Medical Manuals, Driver Licenses, Passports, Employee Manuals, Immunization Cards, Medical Reports, Etc.

In addition, Translation Palace works with authorized notaries to certify the translation of the above documents.

Translation Palace, your language partner!