Proofreading is needed to ensure that your document is final. Although many people are roughly not aware of the difference between Editing and Proofreading, at Translation Palace, we know what your document really needs.

We edit to improve the overall quality of your text or document where we restructure its sentences, enhance the language use and ensure that arguments are coherent. We do not stop at this level when we are working on your project, because we exceed your expectations at a level you will no longer need any extra review.

If you want to check that your final document does not contain any minor mistakes, Translation Palace is here for you to proofread it as a final stage of the editing process so that we remove any surface error such as misspellings, mistakes in grammar, punctuation and formatting. Sometimes, you are afraid that your audiences may fail to understand the language. By your concern, we are committed even to making your language easier (language simplification) to use.

Our linguists have highly developed skills with extensive knowledge of their native languages and they are able to concentrate for long periods of time with purposes to avoid any error.

Translation Palace is your Language Partner!